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What’s your story?

Half Italian and half Brasilian, born and grown up in Italy, I moved to Finland soon after I graduated. For some reason, I’ve always felt a bit wrong and out of place, and I’ve finally found myself here in the land of reindeers and Northern lights. I’ve always been creative, even though I studied science and technology. In my free time, though, I would read, write, paint (even though my father is the painter of the family), cook and read some more. I took some photography classes, back in the days when film was still the king, and I loved it, but somehow never developed that passion any further. It was when I moved to Finland that I finally rediscovered this form of expression. Then I had something to tell and, since sometimes there are no words to describe the magic midsummer light in Northern Finland or the dancing snowflakes falling from the trees at a sunset, I bought a camera and started to photograph again.

How did you get into food photography?

What I felt was most worth telling was Nordic food culture because a) I’m Italian and Italians see the world through food and b) I found the new ingredients of the far North very inspiring, started mixing them with traditional Italian recipes and the result was something I wanted to share with the world. That’s how I discovered the food+photography combination and since then I got hooked! I’m lucky enough to have turned my passion into a job and I nowadays work as a photographer, recipe developer and media content creator for companies and magazines. I’m also the brain behind The Adagio Blog, a blog about slow living, seasonal recipes and conscious traveling. There I sometimes feature companies that I find inspiring and that I think would benefit my readers. Read more about my services here.

If you are a company and would like to work with me or would like to be featured in the blog, email to thais(at)

Do you also do portrait photography?

Sure! Even though I mainly am a food photographer, I love to diversify, it keeps the mind fresh and the creative eye trained! See here my pricing.

Do you work only in Oulu?

Oulu is where I live, but I am willing to travel! Just drop me an email at thais(at) and let’s talk about it.

Are you shooting weddings alone?

No, my husband will come along. Not only he is a talented assistant photographer, but he is even more artistic than me and has great ideas when it comes to photo sessions.

Do you shoot film?

I do. I shoot with a Yashica FX-3, a solid camera that has rocked for already 60 years and takes very sharp photos. I usually use a Kodak Colorplus 200. We can arrange a photo session using only film or incorporate it to a normal photoshoot.

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